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    To comply with Governor Lee’s recommendation, the Sequatchie County Schools will remain closed through

    April 24, 2020.

    PBS Teaching

     ***Sequatchie County School Board meeting scheduled for April 2, 2020 has been postponed until May 4, 2020.



    Learning Opportunities for Our Students-UPDATE

     Link for Online Resources for Students & Parents

    Click on link above for Online Resources

    Dear parents, Sequatchie County School teachers should have been in contact by phone, text, email, or Google Classroom.  Your child’s teacher will have instructional resources either by going online through Google Classroom or paper and pencil in a learning packet that is being mailed out .  These educational opportunities are to provide ongoing education during this COVID-19 closure period.

    Completed student packets of paper and pencil work may be kept until returning to school.  New learning packets will be given sometime after Spring Break. Please check back on this site for more information about learning opportunities.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.     

    Some teachers have already started their classes online with Google Classroom, Google Classroom Meet, and Zoom.  If you have internet access and your child needs a device, please let us know during food delivery. We will use the food delivery sites so we will know the place to bring the device.  An agreement with the Sequatchie County School System will need to be signed by parents and students to borrow a device.      

    If your child has any educational needs, please let your child’s teacher know by emailing, texting, or calling. If you are unable to reach your child’s teacher, please contact Marsha Talley at 423-949-3617 or 423-605-8159. We will work with all students’ needs doing what we can to ensure your child’s education during this closure period. Please be patient as we all are charting new territory. 



    Please click on 'Skyward ', then change the Drop-Down by the Login Area to Family/Student Access

    The Sequatchie County School System realizes the important role that parents/guardians play in the education of children and the importance of parent involvement. Skyward Family Access is an online informational resource available to all families of Sequatchie County Schools at no cost. This resource provides online information about your child's grades, attendance, class schedules, and demographic information. Family Access provides safe, secure and easy access to you child's records.


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      Basic Literacy & Math Skills for PreK-6th grades for At-Home Activities

    All Grades: Read 20 Minutes Every Day!


    • Read nursery rhymes and practice rhyming words
    • Read fiction and nonfiction books to your child, ask questions while reading
    • Practice writing their names, identifying letters (both upper and lowercase)
    • Count to 30 with and without objects, write numbers 1-10, identify shapes
    • Make up math stories to practice adding and subtracting within 5


    • Practice letters, sounds, sounding out simple three letter words (cat), practice writing name, sight word practice (Dolch or Frye lists can easily be found on internet), & practice rhyming words
    • Read fiction and nonfiction books with your child - write a sentence or draw a picture about the story
    • Count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s; count up to 20 using objects; write numbers to 20
    • Practice adding and subtracting numbers within 10 mentally and by using objects
    • Identify coins and their value - penny, nickel, dime, and quarter

     First Grade

    • Read fiction and nonfiction books - write sentences retelling the story/facts for nonfiction
    • Review letters, sounds, sounding out words, and sight word practice (Dolch/Frye lists)
    • Count to 120 by 1’s, 5’s, 10’s, and 2’s
    • Practice adding and subtracting within 100
    • Identify if one number is greater than, less than, or equal to the second number to 100

     Second Grade

    • Read fiction books and retell beginning, middle, and end – Identify character, setting and plot
    • Read nonfiction books retelling main topic and details
    • Sight Word practice (Dolch or Frye list)
    • Adding and subtracting 2-and 3-digit numbers with carrying and borrowing
    • Adding and subtracting money amounts with dollars and coins
    • Time by the hour, quarter hour, half hour, and 5-minute intervals

    Third Grade

    • Read fiction and non-fiction books, ask questions about what they read, compare/contrast different books or passages when possible, discuss vocabulary
    • Write detailed paragraphs about what your child has read
    • Know multiplication facts, 0-10, and fluently multiply two numbers within 100
    • Add and subtract 3-digit numbers with carrying and borrowing
    • Measure items to nearest ¼ inch

     Fourth Grade

    • Read a paragraph, a short story, a book, and/or look at pictures - find main idea and summarize what you read by writing using complete sentences (subject, predicate, capital letter, and punctuation)
    • Use context clues to identify unknown words in texts
    • Work with fractions (simplify, add, subtract, and compare)
    • Practice with multiplication problems (ex. 6x4=24, 257x4=1028, 42x25=1050)

     Fifth Grade

    • Read a paragraph, a short story, a book, and/or look at pictures – find main idea and summarize what you read by writing using complete sentences (subject, predicate, capital letter, and punctuation)
    • Read nonfiction books/paragraphs to identify topic and details and compare/contrast events, ideas, or information from multiple sources
    • Add and subtract fractions with mixed numbers with unlike denominators including regrouping, multiplying and dividing fractions
    • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals

     Sixth Grade

    • Nonfiction - Watch a newscast or read an informational article-summarize it (retell it in your own words) and determine the main idea, circle unfamiliar words (look it up, write the definition, a sentence, draw a picture of it, etc.). Ex. explain main idea and give two details that support it and write in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation
    • Fiction-read or listen to books - summarize, determine theme or central idea, circle and look up unfamiliar words, how do character(s) change from beginning to end. Ex. Explain how characters changed throughout the story and what lesson they learned. Explain how you know. Write in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuations.
    • Know multiplication facts fluently (especially 1-12)
    • Long division problems (ex. 323 / 12)
    • Find area of objects (Length x Width or Base x Height)