Open a book to a world of learning and adventure in our school library

  • Griffith Elementary School Librarian

    Mrs. Chandra Cribbs

    Griffith Elementary School Librarian Assistant

    Mrs. Donna Land


  • Library Procedures

    • Bring your library card to the library to check-out books.
    • Be mindful that classes are in session when you come in.
    • Talk quietly.
    • Check-out books that are in your AR color.
    • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders are allowed to check-out 2 books unless noted on their library card.
    • 1st graders should keep their library books in their classroom until their classroom teacher feels they are responsible enough to keep up with them and return them to school.
    • Kindergartens only get to check-out one book and it stays in the classroom at all times.
    • Please do not send more than 3 kids out of your classroom at a time to the library.
    • When you bring books back to the library, lay them in the triangle.
    • It will cost $1.00 or 4 recesses to replace a lost library card.

    Book Care

    • It is your responsibility to keep up with your books.
    • If you lose or damage your book, you are responsible for paying for it.
    • If you carry a water bottle, make sure the lid is tight so it doesn’t spill in your backpack and get your books wet.
    • Please report any damage to any book to Mrs. Donna or Mrs. Cribbs.
    • Keep your books away from pets and younger siblings that could damage your book.

"Griffith Elementary School provides a safe, supportive and challenging environment enabling all students to build character and achieve academic excellence."

  • Library Mission Statement

    "Griffith Elementary School Library provides an optimal educational environment that encourages students to develop the educational skills they need to be successful."

AR reading level chart

AR reading level chart