• Biology 1-usually a sophomore class is an introduction to Biology-the study of life. By using the scientific method and science inquiry, students learn about life on the cellular level. In this class, we look at levels of organization from sub atomic particles to atoms which make up cell organielles. Cell organelles and their functions make up cells which make up organisms that we currently fit into six kigdoms. We investigate types of chemical reactions that involve how cells use and transform energy from one form to another. Organisms of one kind living together make up populations. Populations of many kinds make up communities. Adding abiotic factors to this will comprise ecosystems. Ecosystems all together make up our biosphere. 



    Biology 2-usually juniors or seniors is a continuation of learning Biology with the focus being the Kingdoms of Life especially the nine largest phylum in the animal kingdom.

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    Anatomy and Physiology is an upper division class that is for students interested in the medical field or a major in Biology. It focuses on the eleven organ systems and how they work together to keep a body in homeostasis.

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    Ecology/Environmental Science

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