Grading Scale

    The school grading scale is 93-100 (A); 85-92 (B); 75-84 ( C ); 70-74 (D); 0-69 (F).

    Quizzes, tests, and major projects/essays are 60% of the total average while Learning Activities (classwork and homework) equal 40% of the quarter average.

    Returning assignments to students

    For every assignment a student turns in, I have eighty to review and give feedback. I make every effort to respond to students in a timely manner. I give priority to work turned in ON TIME. Late work is reviewed afterward. Students have every right to  enquire about an assignment at any time outside of class (e.g. homeroom) or during Solo Thinking in class.

    Finding out grade status

    Skyward is a wonderful tool to use to monitor student progress. A link is located at the bottom of the page. A progress report is provided at mid-quarter to take home for a parent signature. Students and parents may enquire about status at any time via note, phone call, or email. Please give 24 hours.

    When reviewing grades, look for a green check which indicates NO COUNT. In general, this means that at the current time the score is not included in the quarter average. There are several ongoing assignments (Brain Self Check, Power Ups, Reading Challenge) that have cumulative weekly scores building towards a quarter total. I wouldn't want just 15 points earned by week two out of a quarter total of 50 points to negatively affect a student's average. When you check just make sure the point total is increasing toward that 50 points.

    Student responsibilities after an absence

    We will often use the Google Classroom that can easily be accessed outside of class if students wish to work on assignments even while absent! Feel free to call the office for a request for several days’ absence or just email me. For one or two days out, I would prefer that a student confer with me about work missed during morning homeroom if possible. I can then find time later during class to follow up and help. It would be best to follow a 1:1 guideline to make up work (e.g. two days out--two days to return work).

    Late, missing, or incomplete assignments

    The school has a policy that a student may receive an “I” for the quarter for incomplete work. I will assign an “I” only for missing work in the Quizzes, Tests, Projects category (60%).  I try to stress to all students that incomplete work equals incomplete understanding and each day’s work then becomes harder to complete successfully. I will send home notes to sign, email, or call once work is unsubmitted for a few days.