• New Student Registration

    What is needed to register a new student?

    1. Proof of residency in Sequatchie County

            One of the following: Electric bill, water bill, copy of deed or property tax receipt. lease. or 
            notarized rent receipt
            The legal guardian's name needs to be on the bill or lease. If it is not, than the person whose
            name is on the bill needs to write a letter stating that the guardian and their children live with 
            them. This needs to be notarized.

        2.  TN immunization record and Physical
        3.  Current Custody Papers (if applicable)
        4.  Birth Certificate
        5.  Social Security Card

    * A new student would be any child who has moved to Sequatchie county since the end of the last school year or a student who will be transferring to the middle school from homeschooling or a private school. Students who were here last year do NOT need to come.