• Sociology

    Students will explore the ways sociologists view society and how they study the social world. Students will examine culture, socialization, deviance, and the structure and impact of institutions and orginzations as well as selected social problems and how change impacts individuals and societies.



    The purpose of this course is to enable students to acquire an umderstanding and appreciation of the Bible's major ideas, historical/geographical contexts, and literary forms. The course will include the study of the Bible in its historical, sociological, and  cultural contexts, and its impact on later cultures, societes, and religions.


    World History and Geography

    Students will learn about the rise of the nation-state in Europe, the origions and cosequences of the industrial revolution, political reform in Western Europe, Imperalism across the world, and the economic and political roots of the modern world. Students will explain the causes and consequences of the great military and economic events of the past century, including the World Wars, Great Depression, Cold War, and Russian and Chinese Revolutions. Students will study the rise of nationalism and the continuing persistence of political, ethnic, and religious conflict in many parts of the evolution of nations from 1750 to the presentand the subsequent human geographic issues that dominate the global community.