Informational Text
  • Where is Informational Text Found?

    We learn something every day by reading. Whether we know it or not, we learn through various reading sources like social media, smart phone applications and newspapers. These texts are informative because they build upon our prior knowledge or feed us with information we did not know. This is one of the most popular types of writing, and it is known as informational text. 

    What is Informational Text?

    Informational text is nonfiction writing, written with the intention of informing the reader about a specific topic. It is typically found in magazines, science or history books, autobiographies and instruction manuals. They are written using special text features that allow the reader to easily find key information and understand the main topic. The author will do this by providing headers over certain sections, by placing important vocabulary in bold type, and by using visual representations with captions. These visual representations can be pictures or even infographics that include tables, diagrams, graphs and charts. In some cases the author will even provide the reader with a table of contents or a glossary to assist them in finding the information easily.