• Parent Volunteers
    "We are looking for you!" Are you ready to be a Parent Leader at SCMS?
    Please call the school and talk with Devona Smith, Robbie Somerville or Cindy Baird @ 423 949-4149.
    Our SCMS Parent Volunteers are some very hard working individuals who help to raise money for the classrooms and see to the needs of the teachers and students. Fund Raisers are extremely time consuming, and we appreciate every one of our volunteers.
    -Sincere thanks from the teachers/staff of SCMS.
    A brief description of the responsibilities and duties of a volunteer:
    • Working with the school in selecting fund-raisers
    • Handing out fund-raiser information
    • Collecting the fund-raiser money
    • Delivering fund-raiser items
    • Supervising the fund-raiser party
    • Supervising each 6 weeks star roll party
    • Picking out the snacks for each star roll party (must meet state guidelines)
    • Deciding on location of star roll field trip
    • Send out and receive parent permission slips for star roll field trip
    • Arrange for bus(es) and teacher(s) to help on the star roll field trip
    • Support the teachers on star roll field trip