2nd Grade


  • Welcome to Second Grade!!

    There are six second grade classrooms in our school. Each one has a highly qualified teacher who is dedicated to your child's learning.

    In second grade, students form lasting friendships with classmates. They are learning to be responsible for their assignments. Second graders continue to build on the knowledge they have learned in first grade. Their teachers will encourage them to read, write and learn this school year.

    The learning process is one that involves three parties: the student, the parents and their teachers. Working together as a team with your child's teacher will show your child that education is important and that you support your child and his teacher in his learning.

    Griffith Elementary school wants to let you and your child know that attendance is a must (AIM). Being here at school is important, but please remember when your child has a fever,  stomach bug or diarrhea, they cannot return to school till they have been free of the symptoms for 24 hours.

    The second grade teachers would like to welcome you into their classrooms and look forward to having a wonderful year of learning with you and your child.

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    Heather Cates

    Candice Griffith

    Annie Howard 

    Marisa McDowell

    Marilyn Slatton

    Pam Whitlow