Curriculum and Instruction (9th grade to 12 grade)

  • The Sequatchie County Schools have a long history of providing students with quality educational experiences that prepare our students to be college or career ready; we are committed to teaching and learning excellence.  Student achievement and success depends on all students having access to rich and relevant educational experiences. 

    The 7th-12th Grade Department of Curriculum and Instruction exists to provide support, clarity, and leadership for teaching and learning in Sequatchie County Schools.  The department works with teachers, district, and state/local leaders to cooperatively develop a clearly defined, academically rigorous, managed curriculum.  The curriculum is monitored regularly to ensure the written, taught, and tested curriculum is aligned, communicated to all stakeholders, and tied to the system’s budget.  Content-specific lead teachers collaborate with the curriculum and instructional supervisor to develop curriculum maps, create pacing guides, teacher professional development, and several other essential support functions.

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact Marsha Talley via email or call 423-949-3617.

    Marsha Talley, Supervisor

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