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  • Welcome to the Sequatchie County School's Department of Special Education. Our goal is that this site will provide you with information about our department, the services we provide, how to access those services, and links to resources in the community. We serve students with disabilities aged 3 through 21 based on the needs of each individual student. Contact the Sequatchie County Schools Department of Special Education for assistance with the identification and referral process for your student. Sequatchie County Schools prioritizes a free appropriate public education for all our students.

Our Mission

  •  Our purpose is to "promote educational services and programs for all Sequatchie County's children with special education needs that will enable them to lead productive and independent lives."


This Is Us

  • Kristy Albright, Special Education Supervisor


    Miranda Beene, Special Education Assistant




Child Find

  • All children grow and develop at different rates. A problem in one or two of the skill areas may not be serious, but it is important to be certain. The sooner the delay in development is discovered the sooner help can be offered. It is imperative that children receive the necessary assistance at the earliest possible date. Early intervention yields the most positive outcomes.Screening is the first step in identifying children who may need special services. 


  • Are you concerned with your child exhibiting any of the following characteristics:  Slower development, dificulty in seeing or hearing, difficulty with moving, long term health problems, difficulty with speaking, difficulty with getting along with others, or advances academic talent?

    Sequatchie County Schools will provide free screenings to access skills in: Body correction, self-help, knowledge, concepts, creativity, speech, launguage, getting along with others, vision, and hearing.

    Who do I call if I am concerned? 

    Birth to 2.5 years - Call Tennessee's Early Intervention System at (423)-434-4401

    3-21 Years- Call Kristy Albright, Supervisor of Special Education/Child Find Coordinator at (423)-949-3617.

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Child Find Brochure
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Contact Us

  • For more information, contact Kristy Albright, Supervisor of Special Education, or Michael L. Swafford, Director of Sequatchie County Schools at (423)-949-3617.

    The school system does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, national origin, or disability in the operation of its educational programs and activities, including employment services.

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