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    Things to Do As a Family Without Technology

    Nature walks (chatting, collecting rocks and leaves, looking for bugs) 

    Board Games 

    Inventing Our Own Games Puppet Shows 

    Making up skits 

    Active Games (e.g., Frisbee, lawn darts, croquet, basketball in the driveway, Four Square, Hopscotch, running through obstacle courses the kids set up, touch football) 

    Playing an instrument, singing 

    Arts & crafts projects                                                            

    Putting on a play 

    Journal/diary writing 

    Outdoor water play                                                                  

    Indoor Hide and Seek 

    Bird Watching 

    Build a birdhouse or birdfeeder 

    Cooking meals together 

    Jigsaw puzzles 

    Taking a walk

    Establish an exercise routine 


    Bike riding 

    Doing volunteer work (e.g., raking an older neighbor’s leaves)

    Caring for a pet 

    Playing board and card games 

    Looking through old family albums together 

    Taking fun family photos and videos 

    Baking cookies together 

    Make chalk pictures on the sidewalk. 

    Making pizza from scratch 

    Trying new food 

    Building a snow or leaf fort 

    Playing games such as 20 questions, Simon Says, Charades 

    Doing a Treasure Hunt 

    Plant some seeds or a tree 

    Organize your house, room, junk 

    Throw out old stuff Clean house 

    Phone friends/relatives 

    Read (books, magazines, graphic novels, etc)Color “Easter Eggs” any time

    Make your own pet rock

    Play “I Spy”

    Put together a puzzle

    Play “20 questions”

    Make a fort or car out of a large appliance box

    Try to make each other laugh

    Create something with beads

    Write a secret message in “mirror image”

    Have a staring contest

    Have a bubble-blowing contest

    Climb a tree

    Do blind taste tests with various drinks and food

    Solve a crossword or word search puzzle

    Make butterflies from coffee filters

    Play hangman or tic-tac-toe

    Dance to 50s music (or any era)

    Invite neighbors for a family potluck dinner

    Make a Diet Coke and Mentos eruption

    Jump rope - Try double dutch

    Make a time capsule

    Learn how to read a map

    Watch old home movies or look at old pictures

    Have a watermelon seed spitting contest

    Build a fort

    Play with Shaving Cream & food coloring

    Create a musical instrument out of recyclables

    Make a box town out of old boxes

    Research careers (Interview locals such as a firefighter, dentist, hairdresser, or lifeguard)

    Learn a Line Dance

    Practice tongue twisters

    Learn to juggle

    Create a house of cards