• Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students of all ages with the academic and technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers and to become lifelong learners.

    SCHS students can earn valued industry credentials that help lead to expanded options for future job placement. The division continuously assesses and improves the credentials offered to students as well as the standards which guide CTE classroom instruction. Students benefit from the division's commitment to improving STEM/STE(A)M programs statewide. In addition, students can engage in robust workbased learning experiences and participation in Career and Technical Education Student Organizations (CTSOs) that help them see the connection between what they learn in school with what they will do in the professional workforce.

    As a result of intentional planning and collaboration between local education agencies, state agencies, workforce development boards, and employers, SCHS students will be able to more efficiently transition from high school into a career pathway. By introducing pre-apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship opportunities in high school, students will accelerate their ability to earn a livable wage.

  • Current CTE courses that are offered at SCHS are as follows:

    Advanced Manufacturing


    Mechatronics Principles of Manufacturing (C13H05) 

    Digital Electronics (C13H07) or Robotics & Automated Systems (C13H15) 

    Mechatronics I 1 (C13H16)

    Mechatronics II (C13H21) Mechatronics II1 (C13H17) or Manufacturing Practicum (C13H08) 


    Principles of Manufacturing (C13H05) 

    Welding I (C13H12) 

    Welding II (C13H10) 

    Manufacturing Practicum (C13H08) 



    Horticulture Science:

    Horticulture Science Agriscience 1 (C18H19) Satisfies one lab science credit required for graduation

    Principles of Plant Science and Hydroculture (C18H30) 

    Greenhouse Management (C18H17)  

    Landscaping and Turf Science 5 (C18H16) Satisfies the one fine arts credit required for graduation

    Veterinary and Animal Science:

    Veterinary and Animal Science Agriscience 1 (C18H19) 1 Satisfies one lab science credit required for graduation

    Small Animal Science Technologies (C18H20) 

    Large Animal Science Technologies (C18H27)

    Veterinary Science Technologies1 (C18H21) 

    Architecture and Construction

    Residential & Commercial Construction:

    Fundamentals of Construction (C17H15) 

    Residential & Commercial Construction I (C17H24) 

    Residential & Commercial Construction II (C17H25)  

    Construction Practicum (C17H22)

    MEP Systems (C17H23) 

    Electrical Systems (C17H16) 


    Health Science

    Nursing Services:

    Health Science Education (C14H14)  Satisfies one lab science credit for graduation

    Anatomy and Physiology¹ (C14H09) -or Medical Therapeutics (C14H15)

    Medical Therapeutics (C14H15)  or Anatomy and Physiology¹ (C14H09) 

    Clinical Internship (C14H11)


    Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security

    Criminal Justice and Correction Services

    Criminal Justice I (C30H00) 

    Criminal Justice II (C30H01) 

    Criminal Justice III: Forensic Criminal Investigations (C30H02)

    Criminal Justice Practicum (C30H03) 


    Marketing, Distribution & Logistics


    Introduction to Entrepreneurship (C31H23) 

    Marketing and Management I: Principles1 (C31H00) 

    Entrepreneurship1 (C31H05) 

    Business & Entrepreneurship Practicum (C12H35)



    Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair

    Maintenance and Light Repair I (C20H09) 

    Maintenance and Light Repair II (C20H10) 

    Maintenance and Light Repair III (C20H11) 

    Maintenance and Light Repair IV (C20H12)